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Top 10 reasons why we're happy the NFL lockout's over

Top 10 reasons why we’re happy the NFL lockout’s over

The top ten reasons why Bay Area sports fans are glad the NFL lockout is finally over. 1. So our new favorite TV show, The League,¬†¬†doesn’t suck. The League is an FX comedy show about a group of friends that is obsessed with fantasy football league. It’s in its third season and premieres on Thursday,...
10 Reasons Why Fantasy Football is the Greatest

10 Reasons Why Fantasy Football is the Greatest

The annual draft. 1. The draft The fantasy football draft is probably the single most fun day in the fantasy season. Everyone gathers at a friend’s house before the season starts to draft their team. We all pressure Pete Foster to host the draft, and he reluctantly agrees (Pete, you know you like hosting) to...